Skinny One Ingredient "Ice Cream"

If you love soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt as much as I do, this is a recipe you need to try. Somehow frozen banana discs that are pureed in a food processor turn into a rich, creamy whipped mixture that strongly resembles soft serve ice cream. I don't know how this is possible or how I'm just now finding out about it, but this might be my new go-to summer dessert (sorry Strawberry Banana Smoothie!).

Frozen banana discs

turns into

yummy, skinny chocolate peanut butter soft serve


Skinny One Ingredient "Ice Cream"
(Serves 1)

1 1/2 medium bananas, cut into discs, frozen
optional: 1 Tbsp Chocolate PB2

Add frozen banana discs to food processor. Blend until bananas become thick with a whipped texture. You can stop here and eat the "ice cream". Or, if you'd like to make a chocolate peanut butter "ice cream", mix 1 Tbsp Chocolate PB2 with 1 Tbsp water and add to food processor. Blend until smooth and no clumps remain. Eat immediately as soft serve or place in freezer for a firm, ice cream like texture.

Nutritional Information:
1 serving, made without Chocolate PB2
Per serving:
Calories: 155
Fat: 0.5g
Fiber: 4.5g

1 serving, made with Chocolate PB2
Per serving:
Calories: 180
Fat: 1g
Fiber: 5.5g

-Easy to make
-Rich and creamy
-High in fiber
-Quick clean up
-Versatile [experiment with different flavors-vanilla (1 tsp vanilla extract), peanut butter (1 Tbsp Original PB2), chocolate (1 Tbsp cocoa powder), strawberry (1 Tbsp sugar-free strawberry jam)]

-Slight banana flavor

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5


  1. Could you use less banana and some yogurt to get rid of the slight banana taste? It would add protein to your recipe and doesn't have too much sugar.

    1. That's certainly worth trying! Based on comments I've read from people who have made this, it's critical to freeze the banana discs and puree those until you get a whipped mixture. From there, I think you could add just about any flavorings or ingredients that you want. Next time I make this, I'll have to try adding vanilla or fruit yogurt.

  2. This looks amazing!!....Is the PB2 easy to find? (Regular grocery stores?)I'll be making this soon!

    1. I buy PB2 at Whole Foods, but I've seen it at GNC and other health food stores. You can also order it online ( If you don't want to purchase PB2, you can always use 1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter and 1 tsp cocoa powder. This version is just as good, but with a few more calories.


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