Clean Eating Baked Spaghetti Squash

Got another clean eating post for ya! I know "clean", healthy recipes aren't as fun to read about as delicious, rich, full of calories dishes, but work with me; I promise to give you some indulgent recipes too.

Clean Eating Apple Bread Pudding

So, about my clean eating goal: I'm failing miserably. Actually, that's a lie. Any dietary improvements are a step in the right direction. But let's just say that I haven't exactly completely eliminated refined sugar and processed foods from my diet. Heck, I went through an entire bag of Jolly Rancher Chews while I was sitting in the airport for almost 10 hours on Sunday. That's a reasonable excuse, right?

Tasty Travels: Charleston

One of the many things that I've been doing lately (other than neglecting poor Cooking to Perfection) is traveling. I absolutely love to travel, especially to places that I've never been. Seeing new parts of the world, trying unique dishes, and learning about different cultures and regional customs are a few of the reasons that I travel at any chance I get. I lucked out recently because I was invited to participate in one of my best friend's beautiful wedding in Charleston, SC.

Rainbow Row

Whiteout Cupcakes

Hi. It's me, Elaine. The blogger behind Cooking to Perfection. It's been a while, hasn't it? Will an easy, simple recipe that makes two beautiful, tasty cupcakes make up for my lack of posts lately? I sure hope so.

Lemon Bars

Spring has sprung! Well, actually, in D.C. it is more like summer has sprung. This weekend is a little cooler compared to the 90 degree days we had earlier this week; so, for the sake of the current weather conditions and this post, we'll stick to spring.

Clean Eating Strawberry Banana Muffins

Omgosh I didn't think this day would ever come. Last night I wore my first sundress of the season. WITH flops. Yes. It was just days ago that I was wearing my Northface jacket, jeans, and long sleeves; thank the weather gods for finally giving us some warm weather and sunshine. The temperature is expected to reach close to 90 degrees in the DC area tomorrow, so we might just skip right over spring and go straight to summer--you won't hear any complaints from this girl. As long as I get to wear my dresses and flops, I'm happy happy.

Triple Chocolate Cookie for One

Is there anything better than a dessert made for one? Take a cupcake, for example. That cupcake is all yours. Every cake crumb and gram of frosting has your name, and your name only, written all over it. No need to feel guilty about hogging the cupcake because it is a single serving made just for you. If you catch someone eying your scrumptious (insert your favorite cake here) cupcake, you can kindly point them in the direction of the cupcake stand and continue to enjoy your special cupcake. Slightly possessive? When it comes to sweets, I completely support hyper possessiveness.

Italian Cream Cake

Happy (belated) Easter everyone! I was hoping to get this post up on Sunday; however, March Madness and the Duke game on Sunday coupled with computer issues yesterday delayed me from posting this fantastic recipe until today. My most sincere apologies for putting off this post as long as I have-once you try this cake, you will understand why I feel so bad for keeping it from you.

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