Relished Foods: Easy, Fresh, and Delicious (discount code included!)

Do you ever have days or weeks, heck maybe even months, where you feel like you can't catch your breath? Your to-do list is growing quicker than you can check it off. You run around all day like a chicken with its head cut off only to feel physically and mentally exhausted, knowing you have to wake up and do it all over again. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Come over to my house, I'll make you and drink and we can commiserate--forget about the to-do lists long enough to enjoy a drink or two; you know we deserve it.

In addition to rewarding yourself with a (strong) drink(s), give yourself a break in the kitchen. If your hubs/wife, kids, roommate, or dog can take care of dinner then take them up on that and consider yourself lucky. For most people, you have to turn to something else. And I found just what that perfect something else is: Relished Foods.

Relished Foods is a start-up food delivery company based in Chicago. What makes Relished Foods so fantastic is that they ship you three chef-designed recipes with step by step instructions accompanied by all of the ingredients called for in the recipes. Meal planning is complete and there is no grocery shopping required! Oh, but it keeps getting better. Once you register with Relished foods, you get three new, delicious recipes with their own unique ingredients each week. Have you ever pickled onions? I hadn't either until earlier this week when I made the Relished Foods turkey burgers with pickled onions and sweet potato fries. I sounds straight out of a restaurant, but it's not; it's made in your very own kitchen and is prepared and ready to eat in about 30 minutes. Still thinking about getting pizza delivered? We all know how unhealthy "quick and easy" dinner solutions can be (hello fast food and microwave meals, I'm talking about you too); the Relished Foods recipes are just as easy but nutritiously balanced and stocked full of healthy, fresh ingredients. Easy, fresh, and delicious--you can't find a meal like that at any fast food restaurant or in the frozen aisles of the grocery store.

If you do find yourself with some extra time on your hands, Relished Foods is still a great service to try. Relished Foods recipes encourage the user to experiment in the kitchen by trying new methods of preparing ingredients, different combinations of foods, and unique cooking methods. Not only did Relished Foods save me time, but it helped to break my boring dinner rut. And we all need that every now and again.

Have I convinced you yet? Great, because Relished Foods has so graciously offered my readers 50% off of their first order. Just enter the discount code "CookingToPerfection" and you will receive your discount!

Now that we all have Relished Foods to take care of our meal planning and grocery shopping, you can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy that drink. Cheers!


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  1. Does palak really adds to the taste of paneer burji...Or is that optional....i liked the idea of kathi rolls.. chowringhee rajendar nagar


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