Strawberry Slushi Cocktail

I love girl weekends. And lucky for me I get to have two in a row! This past weekend my Mom came up to D.C. to visit me. She just left :( but we had a great time together. My friends from college are coming up next weekend, which I couldn't be more excited for! With so many people coming to visit, I have an excuse to try lots of fun, new recipes. So, the next week or so of posts will be documenting all of the recipes I've made for these girl weekends.

I figured this Strawberry Slushi Cocktail, which was adapted from a recipe found on With Style and Grace, is an appropriate recipe to start the girl weekend posts. This refreshing alcoholic slushi is simply a combination of fresh strawberries and Riesling-yum. This is a great summertime cocktail that has "girl time" written all over it. Give it a try the next time you have a few girl friends over!

Strawberry Slushi Cocktail
(Serves 4-6)

2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled
1 bottle (750ml) Riesling
Juice from 2 limes
2 packets stevia or sweetener of your choice

Reserve 1 cup of Riesling and place in refrigerator. Add strawberries, remaining wine, lime juice, and sweetener to a blender. Blend until everything is well mixed. Pour mixture into ice cube trays; freeze until solid. Add frozen wine cubes back to blender with 1 cup of reserved wine. Blend. Serve immediately and garnish with fresh strawberries.

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Nutritional Information:
6 servings
Per serving:
Calories: 100
Fat: 0g
Fiber: 1g

-Fun twist on regular wine
-"Nutritional" fresh fruit cocktail
-Pretty presentation

-Requires planning in advance to allow cocktail ice cubes to freeze

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


  1. Your mom thought it was great! And she usually doesn't go for Reisling!

    1. Hard to go wrong with wine and strawberries!


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